The Back to Front King.

Notes for children’s sermon, to go with crown making and decorating activity, for the Feast of Christ the King. Adapted from a children’s sermon at Sermons4Kids


Who wears this? crown. Worn by a king?

What does a King look like?


King remembering today different from most kings:

Not born in a palace – or a special safe hospital unit – but among animals. Not even his own home town, some people said.


No special proclamation – only a few people knew – close family, people who passed that way.


Grew up – worked at an ordinary job. Didn’t have lots of money. Gave up job & left home – became a friend & doctor and teacher of ordinary people. Didn’t have lots of servants to do things for him – acted as a servant himself. Friends not from rich & influential people – but fishermen &  farmers & people who were sick & poor. No soldiers to guard him or fight for him. Didn’t have lots of splendid banquets – ate with poor and people who other people avoided. No fine clothes


Many people loved him – but others got fed up with king who didn’t act as they thought a king ought to act. Final straw – came into capital not on a fine horse – but on a donkey. & then made trouble in the big temple where all the important state religious ceremonies took place.


Made plans to arrest him, threw him into prison & got other people to put him on trial on a trumped up charge.


Condemned him to death. People who had supported him ran away, refused to stand up for him. Only crown he ever wore not made of gold and jewels – but of thorns. Didn’t even have a fine tomb in the royal mausoleum – one borrowed from someone else.


But not end of story. God’s plan was not for him to be an earthly king with power over one country – but to be a heavenly king to reign over the whole world. God raised him from death, and took him to live and reign with God in heaven. King to anyone who choses him as their king.  Who? – Jesus Christ.


Rules us not by force – no soldiers or police in his kingdom – but by love. Everyone welcome into his kingdom & into his house. Doesn’t expect everyone to be the same – just that they treat other subjects with love. Shares a banquet with us each time we come to church to celebrate communion. Foretaste of heavenly banquet we will share with him in heaven.


Also invites us to become his brothers and sisters, children of God, and therefore princes & princes of his heavenly kingdom.  Not enough crowns to go round everyone here – we can make some for ourselves – but know we are all wearing one really, because Jesus Christ is our King & our brother.


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